Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Developments, copy cats and boxing champions

Developments at Liverpool seem reaching some kind of boiling point. I'm sure we've all been here before (as Liverpool fans). I wasn't so much disappointed when the Americans bought Liverpool as non-plussed as it didn't seem as magnificent as a DIC or a sovereign wealth fund - but it was something.

It hasn't worked out and now it is quite possible we will have new Chinese or Canadian/Arab owners in the near future. Apart from, which courts its own controversy, I've found a new Liverpool website that isn't as updated but is the most balanced writing I've seen online about LFC. - worth a read and written by a jingo.

Aside from football, if there is one thing I don't like it is plagiarism. Now I love Mo Zaher's blog, Irrelevant Combinations, but when I wrote my last post about Blackberry he essentially took my views to his larger audience. A bit like New Kidz On the Block making a Beatles' song popular. Anyway, check out his writings.

Staying on Mo, he has lost his crown as Boxing Champion. Much like I took Chuma's crown as FIFA champion, even though its an inferior game. Fight Night Round 3 despite being dated has provided some classic moments in my mind and next year they will release Fight Night Champion.

It was touted as a motion game but that looks to have been dashed as an option I'm not a big fan of the motion based games on the Wii and I'm equally apprehensive about xbox's future system. However, rather than reinvent games I think these systems will enhance the experience.

Much like Blackberry is a globalised extension of communication and not a real substitute for face-to-face interactions (my belief) I feel action and sports is the same. Who knows? Who cares?

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