Thursday, November 6, 2008

A credit crunchy tale of two cities

The time is now , the time is right for us to release this little cathardic expression of celebrating the human spirit ( Pls read previous line in most sarcastic tone of voice divinely possible. This will set the tone for all future rants). My partner in crime, not in sin have been residents of this "city" for a while now , me longer than him, and it is safe to say that we are Dubaiist.
The very definition of Dubaiism - Is prejuidicial discrimination of everything that this "city" aspires towards or fosters in terms of celebrating spectacular mediocrity.

Now it is credit crunch time... how is the world adapting to their subujugation to third world country wealth ? Keeping in light of the reduced purchasing power of consumers in London, the fine tradesmen of the black,clandestine pharamceutical industry have started offering a "Credit Crunch Special" yes I couldn't even begin to make this up, even if I tried. "Credit Crunch Special" is a bargain in its' purest form. I urge you to research and find out what it is.

In Dubai the fine male specimens of the Levant are practicing thriftiness in their own unique way... due to the global credit crunch they have realised that the best way to excercise their credit crunch induced right to a more modest existence is by eliminating the use of the top three buttons on all their shirts. This small but effective practice reduces the cost of their designer labels exponentially. More importantly this gives the members of the opposite and same sex a view of the goods.

Times are hard , you need to do your part !

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