Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ergo Ego

Me. I am me. I cannot be anything but me. Prank and myself live in our world. A world viewed through the lens of our mind’s critical eye. The environment that surrounds us is a millionaire’s playground and within that playground exists a media agency with a reputation that precedes itself. A reputation for fine work and creativity.

But beneath the surface of eccentricity and egos, resides a highly sexualized and juvenile clan known only to the those in our world as “The tree dwellers”. Indeed, those in the know, realize that ‘the dwellers’ perpetuate an expanding bubble of their own, externalizing the frailties of their psyche through aviator sunglasses and badly thought out fashion statements.

Their call is unique and heard from miles around. “Shooooo….shooooo”. Their ears prick up like desert foxes in an infertile land and at the first sign of a potential self-aggrandized statement, the clan strut the halls, alleyways and dungeons of our agency smelling for sex like it was a shit in a gold plated living room.

Useless information is passed around the agency in a bid to create a positive morale including 15 different ways to tie a shoe lace. One day the revolution will happen and when it does, I and Prank will lead the desire for change. The fact that the revolution may not actually happen in our beloved, quasi-oriental city is neither the point or for you to question. Follow us on our journey through space and time….

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