Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ahhhh...the first dire game.

I should have seen that coming. Uruguay were rigid apart from the front two who were totally isolated. And France were pretty clueless thanks to Domenech. Started brightly and Govou, a late replacement for Malouda (who was initially dropped for trying to knock off his boss' head), fluffed the best chance of the game. Or was Forlan's the best chance?

Either way, my man, Lodeiro, came on and failed miserably with a poorly timed, studs up challenge. That's two predictions that failed.

Mphela for South Africa was bright earlier on in the day and Torrado was solid. Gourcuff is not the next Zidane.

Ooooh tomorrow...kicks off with South Korea (who cut off North Korea's time delay subscription to the World Cup coverage) against boring Greece. Then Argentina against Nigeria, a replay of the 1994 group stage match. Don't rate Nigeria's chances. And then...England against the United States...or should I say British Petroleum versus President Obama O' Bomb Bang.

Predictions and players tomorrows. I'm going to win my fantasy league...I can feel it.

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