Saturday, June 19, 2010

Offensive Cameroons

Jyllands Posten, more synonymous with offensive, sacrilegious cartoon mongering, quotes Samuel Eto'o ahead of Denmark's important clash with Cameroon. Eto'o either fears or respects Denmark's "supertaktiks" according to the Posten and expects it will be tough to break down such a disciplined side. Based on Cameroon's first game against Japan, he is probably right.

Eto'o was wasted on the right wing against Japan and looked like the lacked genuine penetration. They have one more chance to get it right before they face an even tougher task in Holland, probably with a fit Robben in the side.

Cameroonian sports magazine, Camfoot, quotes Paul Le Guen prior to this pivotal match. He felt there were some below par performances and that not only does he need to take responsibility but he focuses on the players taking the blame too in order to make sure their Japanese misfortune doesn't strike again.

And finally, L'equipe wonders whether Anelka would have been sent home at all if the magazine hadn't published what had happened at half-time against Mexico. Not only did Anelka refuse the commandments of his coach but had a few choice words for Monsieur Domenech, which resulted in him being substituted. As a result of L'equipe's revelation, the FFF moved quickly to send Anelka home. Usually, a fairly calm character....looks like the first Lemming has jumped.

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