Saturday, June 26, 2010


Thats it. The first 2 weeks of the tournament are over. All the group / league action is done. We are half way through this World Cup. Sometimes it feels like it is going slowly and other times too quick. Italy crashing out felt like being in another world for a moment.

I doubt that the world order of football has shifted dramatically. I just think coaches in South America are more savvy and require discipline from their players.

None more so that Oscar Tabarez. He has such an organised team. 4 3 3 to a 4 5 1 formation and Forlan is in genius mode so far. They have not conceded once. I can not see past Uruguay beating South Korea who were a mess against Nigeria.

El Pais of Uruguay feels that surely the country will enter the top ten of world football after today's game. Pretty confident and so they should be. However, the paper is worried about Nelson Mandela Bay's pitch. Beautiful stadium but the pitch has taken a battering from the rain beating Port Elizabeth over the last two weeks. England had to play on it but I wonder how much impact it will have on the game.

Huh Jung Moo, South Korea's coach, says his players have set a target of the semi-finals for themselves. I can't see that happening if they play as bad as they did against Nigeria. Weren't as organised. I feel like the Argentina game shook them up more than they realise.

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