Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mmmm spicy

I love Chile. I haven't even fully formed an opinion on them. But they have been the freshest, attacking team so far in this World Cup. It will be an absolute tragedy if they get knocked out by Spain having worked so hard to top group H.

Their media is about as tense as I am about it all...especially since they are coming up against the former masters. 1,500 police are to be deployed in Santiago in case it turns into a riot fest.

So France are out and the inquest begins. Spectacular fall from grace. Can't forget that this is the same team that battled to the last World Cup final. Domenech's refusal to shake Carlos Alberto Pareira's hand added to the ignominy. Apparently, it was for saying that France didn't deserve to be at the tournament...

Seems like all the French are at it. David Ginola is attacking Gerrard Houllier, 17 years after the former French manager called him a criminal and placing all the blame on their non-qualification for the '94 World Cup on poor old David.

The South Africans are already looking to the future with a 'positive' attitude.

Mutiny? Really? I'm sorry its not France. The Daily Mail refers to John Terry's apology only to position it as a back-track. Sorry, I'm not John Terry's biggest fan but please, apart from talking out of turn he didn't do too much wrong. If Capello chooses not to play Cole because John Terry says then he is getting paid 6 million for cutting off noses to spite your faces. Then we are all living in fear of not stepping on the toes of the over compensating regime of Capello and Baldini. Yes, the players are all over paid but if you don't like them then don't get involved. You can't change what they are. You can change the wage structure and see what happens but I think you would have a real revolt on your hands.

Anyway, England are bound to win...right?

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