Thursday, June 17, 2010

Media Squirt - Day 7 - Part 2

Argentina bagged 4 against a slightly over-respectful South Korea. Shame really, could have been so different had Korea equalised.

Anyway, recently in Dubai I opened a Nigeria Gossip and Glamour magazine left in my hotel room. It amused me. However, Nigeria's The Guardian newspaper reports on an author's unique way of inspiring the Super Eagles to victory today - a marathon bus ride. Creative - but odd

Greek tabloid, Espresso, reports on a 3 point strategy in order to win against Nigeria, which kicks off in 20 minutes. Looks like Greece are worried about the height of the Nigerians and not conceding the first goal. I don't like the way they play and it isn't effective at the moment. Change it before you retire Rehhagal.

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