Friday, June 18, 2010

Death and ghosts

Prank's frustration is borne out of the hope that one of football's "powerhouses" are not only bowing out at such an early stage but in the manner in which they whimper, crawling back to the airport. Not just yet, one more game and a mathematical possibility. French sports paper, L'equipe's front page says it all.
Zidane isn't happy that Gourcuff didn't play but the in-house ego and internal fighting Prank alluded to indicates the reasons why such a decision was taken...he wasn't the only one not playing well.

El Mercurio of Mexico reports on the outpouring of emotion on the streets of Mexico City and around the Angel of Independence monument. Added to the fact that the stadium in Polokwane was full of Mexicans, in fact outnumbering the French. For a country that had lesser ambitions at this tournament, it is quite stunning and inspiring. Plus the Mexicans felt they had to do this for the Irish.

This is why international football is now the purest football left. Not the same player celebrations you see in the Premier League. Just emotion. This is the real badge. This isn't about the money. This is about pride and loyalty.

20 games already played so far....can't believe it. We are essentially a third of the way through the tournament. Absolutely gutted. But the impressive Germans are riding the crest of a wave in terms of national fervor and optimism ahead of the 2nd game against Serbia. German tabloid Bild focuses in on Philip Lahm's ambition to emulate the 1990 heroes of Italia 90. There is also a piece on Fabio Capello's retort to Franz Beckenbauer in which the England manager claimed ze Germans are scared. "Iz zis guy for real?" asks Bild...

The tabloid has a piece on a Serbian commentators howler during commentary of Germany's opener against the Socceroos. The commentator failed to note that Robert Enke committed suicide and told Serb viewers that he was injured hence Neuer was in goal. Serbs I suppose have a high tolerance to death.

Meanwhile, Serb tabloid, Blic is still reeling from the defeat to Ghana rather looking to the taller task of beating Germany.

Half way through the group stages. I'm going to miss the early kick-off when it goes.

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