Friday, June 18, 2010

Off with their heads !

This post could be in danger of devolving into a murderous rant... and I'm not even French. First of all congratulations to the Mexicans for a thoroughly deserved win. They played neat, attacking, quick organized football. I am utterly elated at the manner in which they won as well. Now onto the French, I'm not going to say much that hasn't already been said but the French are a disgrace and have disgraced the beautiful game with their lack of conviction and application. News of disharmony in the French squad have plagued the media space for 2 years now. What I can't understand is why Raymond Domenech still has his job ? He obviously has compromising pictures of the head of the French Football Governing body with little boys from Thailand or something worse because I can't see any plausible reason for him to have his job. He has singlehandedly dismantled a superpower of World Football. A team that boasts some of the most gifted players playing the game today won't even look each other in the eye. Throughout the Mexico game he was leaning back in the dugout with a smug smirk watching his piece de resistance. He will once again be subjected to an onslaught of biblical proportions but to what avail ? We already knew that this was his last hurrah with this team and his replacement Laurent Blanc ( who has a very easy act to follow, they can't be any worse under him at all) was waiting to take over after the World Cup. Ok then ... why not let Laurent coach them now ? Laurent was part of the World Cup and Euro winning team and just the change in management could have galvanized a team that seem like they would rather be vacationing in the South of France than be in South Africa.

This is unacceptable to me , after all, they are disrespecting the game, Henry who essentially ruined his spotless reputation because of his hand in their qualification, The Irish who deserved to be in this World Cup and their country. I think Platini should spend more time chastising his national coach before he castigates Maradona, whose team is producing on this stage and have a strong desire to win. You can never discount Maradona's passion for the game.

Au Revoir Les Bleus see you in Euro 2012 because we know you can't sink any lower.

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