Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain, Spain, What ye done ?

I guess now is as good a time as any for me to play best supporting actor to Quillock's scorching lead performance in World Cup punditry. As he has mentioned in every blog ... the name of this beautiful game is organization, strength in numbers behind the ball and counter-attack. Everyone seems to have taken a page out of the Mourinho and Benitez coaching manual because let's face it.... it's effective. As good as a passing side as Spain is , it is still supremely difficult to break down two well-organized walls of four. I am a little surprised at Del Bosque's decisions, to leave Torres out and not playing Fabregas at all. Granted my Arsenal bias will always want Fabregas in the starting 11 for Spain but in this case it is merited. Fabregas has had his best season at club level where he has been instrumental in winning clutch games in the last minute. His never say die attitude and talismanic aura should have been harnessed. Pedro is good but do you learn how to grind out a game when you play for the best club side in a generation... NO ! . Fabregas plays for a top European side but know what it takes to grind out a result and never give up. The Furia Roja were running out of ideas and were looking around the pitch for that little bit of inspiration, Fabregas could have provided it. For the next game I think Del Bosque should start Torres and Villa up front, start Fab and have Alonso ( by far the best player on the pitch) has a holding provider, with his range of passing he will be even more effective, starting play from deep. The only thing that will make this better is if England lose to Algeria which will make me purr like Mick McCarthy's best Barry White impression.

Onto other news found an interesting article written by an Indian journalist about the isolation of France's next big thing Yoan Gourcuff.

Shame because he has the potential and I think a move to Arsenal will see him truly blossom into a great player. Nothing like a little Arsene to get you going.

Anyways ... I hope for some more interesting games and bevare of ze Germans they look dangerous and with the Wizard of Ozil in such sublime form they could blitzkrieg the entire tournament.

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