Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Korea vs Greece

I love South Korea because they eat dogs and I hate dogs but at the same time, I like Greece because they remind me of my football team: in disarray domestically but with a rich and varied heritage....guess my football team.

Anyway, Park Chu Young of Monaco I'd like to see score a goal today and Gekas for Greece was their leading scorer in qualifying.

Greece are hideously defensive thanks to Rehhagel's success in 2004. And South Korea are very fit, hard-working and have broken their duck of not winning outside of a Korean World Cup (won against Togo in Germany).

Much made of the battle between Park Ji Sung and Karagounis. Would love to see Ninis come off the bench for Greece. Heard and seen good things. Lee of Bolton will be dangerous for South Korea.

Strangely, I see this being a high-scorer. 2 - 2 even though Greece are dull.

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