Monday, June 14, 2010

Indomitable lions hunt for a rising sun

I'm running out of stupid headlines.

Dutch weren't as impressive as I imagined. Suppose they are just getting warm. Danes were rigid and don't have much of a plan B but after the own goal lost a bit of their thrust.

So, Samuel Eto'o comes up against the Japanese. They make cars quite efficiently, well, until someone in engineering played a prank and decided to make the brake pedal the accelerator. But they make efficiency and technology.

I guess the football teams often represent aspects of the culture of a nation, not just the prowess of a few skilled individuals.

The Japanese play like workmen for a unit that acts in unison. That makes them uncreative. Japanese culture can be quite creative though but the only anime/manga style footballer they have is Keisuke Honda. A bleach blonde with a powerful, accurate right foot who used to play in Holland with Venlo. Now with CSKA Moscow. Doubt his insider knowledge will help against the Dutch. Usually a play maker but the rumours are he will start upfront on his own...

Hope he has got to grips with this new ball because nobody apart from the Germans seem to have mastered. However, they are German and prepare methodically for going to the bathroom so its not a surprise really.

Honda wears a pair of boots by Mizuno. Wave Ignitus they are called. They haven't plugged for this blog. I like the fact they are what Adidas Predators were supposed to be. Not only does the whole front and instep of the boot have the rubber panels that guides and controls a ball better, but it even has a 'Maikatan' panel.

Yeah, one of those. The panel towards the upper half of the instep prevents the ball from spinning and makes a ball change normal trajectory. So with these new balls will Honda do something out of the ordinary. They should really pay me for this but I endorse their usage...I don't think anyone cares for my opinion apart from the voices in my head.

Anyway, Japan will need more than a 'Maikatan' panel to win today. Cameroon have their problems though. Legend Roger Milla criticised Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o for not having done much with the national side. Its true really. But Etoo threatened to walk out of the national team because of the samba dancing one's slur and retorted that Milla only got to the Quarter Finals. Thats a bit further than Eto'o spearheaded sides have done.

Not sure if he will play behind a striker or be the lone man but this match represents a great chance for 3 points as it will only get tougher in this group for these two. Cameroon's physical presence and a bit more skill should see them through in this one.

Cameroon were poor in the ANC in Angola. This better be a different side to the one I saw if they will get Roger Milla to keep quiet

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