Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Undecided Argentina and a Gerrard down the middle please

Looked like the argies laboured to a win. Disappointed with Nigeria but they were similar in Angola. The still have a chance with their next game against Greece.

Milner plays against the States. Means Gerrard is down the middle. Still don't think the English will have it easy though. Can see them losing by a goal to the Americans.

Lennon is the stand out for me. Really claimed his place ahead of Walcott in the warm-ups. Talk of Donovan being the threat but Findley plays and his pace apparently will see them move and interchange I imagine.

1 - 1 I reckon.

The tournament seems to be gently embracing itself to the world. No stand out games just yet. South Korea eased past Greece who were expectedly disappointing. No creativity. I think Ninis should play behind Gekas but they prefer a 4 3 3 which adapts to pulling in 5 into midfield and the rest is set plays and long balls. Gekas was bright but they need something quite different now if they have any aspirations for the 2nd round...

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This Soul said...

Spot on prediction, lad.