Friday, June 18, 2010


There was something distinctly different about the Germans last weekend. Fluidity and creativity accompanied Germany's trademark solidity. The Telegraph's Rory Smith refers to it as Total Football with a Teutonic twist.

Not only is the Bundesliga the most attended league in all of Europe (standing room still exists as well as much cheaper tickets) but all of the squad currently play in Germany. There is an upward curve according to players such as Khedira. In fact, Khedira is not only part of the upward curve but represents the new ethnicity of the 'new' Germany. Brazilian, Turkish, Tunisian - they've all brought and learnt aspects that make this young team (this is the youngest of any team at the tournament) so fundamentally different to what we expect from the Germans.

And the music of choice in the dressing room is in fact a representation of this fresh side. Not sure why mind. Bushido, the German-Tunisian rapper sounds rubbish but then again I don't know what he is saying.

The Serbs have got their work cut out. They suffered from the discipline Ghana showed at the weekend and like many teams opted for the wings but that was to far deep in their own half to make an impact. Credit to Ghana but saying that a lot was expected of Krasic and Jovanovic.

Joachim Loewe is a great coach and there is absolutely no doubt at all that his team will be prepared for the Serb backlash he outlined at his pre-match press conference.

A draw. I know but I'm still going for a draw

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