Thursday, June 17, 2010

Media Squirt - Day 7

Diego Armando Maradona versus Huh Jung-Moo....

Ok, it might not sound like the biggest showdown on earth (so many meanings to that) but Huh and Diego have unfinished business.

In 1986, guess Huh, sorry who had the unenviable task of marking Maradona in a 3 - 1 defeat? Well, it was Huh - I kind of spoilt that but still.

Argentina have the flair - South Korea have the speed. Its the Hand of God versus the Land of Dog.

Higuain was profligate on the weekend and I'm not sure why Milito isn't starting. Want to see Park Chu Young of Monaco do something.

Anyway, La Nacion of Buenos Aires says Maxi Rodriguez will start in place of the injured Veron. Damn shame that as he's in my fantasy XI. And Diego is critical of the referees and wants more protection for little man Messi. There is a seriousness about the Argentine media. No euphoria - just fairly cold optimism - a pragmatism, similar to the cynical style of the English press.

I can't read Korean but their English daily the Korea Times reports on the growing confidence ahead of this match. They feel they've got a chance to beat the 'powerhouse' but worry that if they lose they might find themselves in a tight spot against Nigeria. Excitement all around.

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