Saturday, June 19, 2010

Media Squirt - Day 9 - Part 1

National despondency isn't just reserved for the English or the French. Harry Kewell isn't a happy bunny. Michael Cockerill of the Sydney Morning Herald questioned his commitment to the team and asked for him to step up against Ghana. Kewell wasn't a happy bunny and sought out the journalist after a training session.

I can understand why the Australians are so unhappy but they are a man down during this game against Ghana, with Kewell already sent off for handling the ball in the penalty area. 1 - 1. Australia's general predicament is not all Kewell's fault. The backline is ageing and Craig Moore doesn't even have a club team to play for. Lucas Neill is not a central defender and they aren't as dynamic as they were in Germany.

And Ghana's Chronicle newspaper are quite pleased that Australia's Tim Cahill is suspended making their job a little easier. All they need to worry about is if goalkeeper Kingson can catch a ball....his mistake has given the Socceroos a valuable goal. All square at the moment.

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