Thursday, June 17, 2010

Media Squirt - Day 7 - Part 3

Nigeria...what chances they had to be closer to qualification than South Korea and Greece today. Wasteful and self destructive. Very frustrating. Greece took advantage and in historic fashion.

Meanwhile, L'equipe heats up the intensity of tonight's match between the French and Mexico with an interview with Eric Abidal, the Barcelona and France centre back cum full back. They cannot even consider waiting until the last match to qualify according to Abidal.

And the Mexicans don't seem to feel any pressure at all according to El Mercurio. Fans are preparing in the cold winter of Polokwane, South Africa with a traditional roast....not like Sunderland footballers...but with Guacamole and Salsa.

France have a lot more pressure to deal with and they will have opportunities with this attacking Mexican side. Torrado will be critical to his backline alongside Marquez in midfield.

Gourcuff, seemingly sidelined by his teammates needs to up his game - Ribery was bright but not bright enough. Big game this - going to end in a draw - disappointing and nailbiting for both teams.

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